A zombie

Zombies are naturally spawning, hostile NPC's that spawn in both multi-player and single-player which have a small chance to drop loot. They all spawn in most common areas such as Charlottetown, Montague, etc., but also spawn in places like The Car Crash near Summerside Peninsula.

There are many different variations of civilian zombies, including grocery workers, police officers, golfers, etc. All of these variations have a chance to drop civilian grade loot.

There are two main types of zombies which are walkers and crawlers. Crawlers are low zombies which attack your feet, making them harder to hit as they are at a low position. However, they are more vulnerable to getting hit in the head. Walkers are more common than crawlers and have no disadvantage over the player and will mostly attack your chest. Walkers have two positions: the speedy type and the normal. The speedy type looks stronger and is slightly faster. Two good examples of the speedy type of zombies is the pinked shirt one, and the military zombie.

Zombies will take more damage if hit in the head as this is their weak spot. Zombies will be dressed in clothing similar to what you can find. All zombies deal 10 damage without armour and the warrior skill upgraded, and move at different speeds depending on their clothing.

Zombies can destroy human-made structures so defending your base is necessary. When walking near a human made/placed structure, the zombies will often aggro that instead of the player.

There are also Military Zombies which spawn at Belfast Airport, Confederation Bridge, O'Leary Military Base and some civilian areas. These zombies can also be crawling or walking. They have increased health due to them wearing armour, which can be found in those areas. It will normally take one extra hit or shot when attacking the head (except with the Crossbow, Compound Bow, Matamorez and Timberwolf, which are all one shots, unless playing on Hardcore difficulty, where not even the Timberwolf can kill a military zombie with a perfectly scored single head shot [though civilian zombies still do]). These zombies have a chance to drop military grade loot, and mainly spawn in these areas due to the increased loot quality.


  • Civilian zombies have a small chance to drop civilian loot.
  • Military zombies have a small chance to drop military loot, like MREs.
  • Farmer zombies have a small chance to drop farm loot, such as a Double Barrel or seeds.
  • The presence of military personnel spread out over PEI suggests that they may have been sent to control the spread of the disease off the island.
  • Zombies with pink shirts appear to be the fastest.
  • Zombies can be easily killed by running over them with any vehicle.
  • Nelson stated in the Day/Night news update that zombies will be affected by the moon in 3.0.
  • They do not spawn in the Arena map.



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