The Zombie Boss is a type of Zombie in Unturned 3. They spawn primarily from quests given by The Coalition, The Unyielding or other factions. It is also possible to encounter them by enabling them to spawn naturally via the advanced difficulty settings.


Groundpounder: Its main ability is generating shock waves from jumping and smashing into the ground, damaging players and vehicles. This zombie spawns at Yekativurg as part of the Aftershock quest received from Peter, in Keokea during the first quest given by Commander Barlow and during the Wrath of the Titans I quest in the Farsala sewers. It has the appearance of a normal Mega Zombie, though it may or may not be different in size.

Flamethrower: Its main ability is propelling fire from its mouth in a continuous wave that does rapid damage upon contact. Their fire can also turn normal zombies into Burner Zombies. When killed, it dies in a fiery explosion. This zombie spawns at Novobirsk as part of the Scorched Earth quest received from Norbert, at Anela Airport as a part of the second quest given by Commander Barlow and during the Wrath of the Titans II quest in the Farsala sewers. It behaves much like a Burner Zombie would, and will convert normal zombies in the vicinity of it to burner zombies upon killing it.

Lightningstrike: Their main ability is an electric blast with high projectile speed. Obstructions will stop the electric blast. This zombie spawns at Jhavesk as part of the Sparks quest received from Ensign Cliff, at Pahala as a part of the Electrifying! quest given by Major Lee, during the Wrath of the Titans III quest in the Farsala sewers and in Toulouse as a quest given by Colonel Jourdan. It can be distinguished between a normal or mega zombie, due to it having electricity particle effects around its body.

Nuclear Spitter: Its main ability is to spew a green acid projectile at The Player, which explodes into a damaging area-of-effect goop that lasts for several seconds. It could be found during a quest for the Irish Defense Force on Ireland and on France while doing a quest (specifically for France, it is found at the Flamanville Power deadzone, once the quest has been accepted. Nuclear Spitters behave much like a Acid Zombie, though with a possible addition of normal Mega Zombie behavior.

It is not confirmed if a Nuclear Spitter can spawn naturally.


  • With the default difficulty settings on Easy, the Flamethrower Boss is the only way to encounter "Burner" Zombies.
  • The audio played when the Groundpounder Boss slams the ground is the same as when a Mega Zombie throws rocks, as well as a metal node being destroyed.
  • The game refers to the Groundpounder Boss as the Wind Boss, likely due to the method it uses to attack the Player
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