Location Type: Ranger, construction
Size: Medium
Zombie Population: Large

Zavod is a large tank factory in Russia that is located near the train tracks on the western end close by Volk Military Base. It has several surrounding features.


  • Main factory building where ranger loot spawns.
  • Cargo train yard where mechanic and engineer loot spawns.
  • Scrap yard full of broken/unfinished tanks and tank parts.
  • Small office building

Decorative tank parts are scattered all across the factory along with the (also decorative) robotic arms that were used to manufacture the tanks.


Military grade zombies (in the scrapyard) and Construction zombies (behind the factory, by the railroad) can spawn in and around the factory.

Ranger grade weapons and magazines can spawn. Military and Construction apparel can also spawn here, alongside with miscellaneous items.

There are two Tank spawns in the scrapyard.


  • "Zavod" means factory in Russian.
  • Zavod shares a heavy resemblance to Battlefield 4's multiplayer map "Zavod 311."

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