Vehicle Battery
Battery Vehicle 1450
ID 1450
Rarity Uncommon
Type Tool



The Vehicle Battery is an Uncommon Tool in Unturned 3. It is used as a power source for any Vehicle.

A Vehicle Battery is required for a Vehicle's ignition, to be able to honk, for activating sirens, and to use headlights. If the Vehicle Battery manages to die while the Vehicle is in use, then the car horn, headlights, taillights, and sirens will be dysfunctional. A Vehicle cannot enter ignition if it has a dead Vehicle Battery.

The Vehicle Battery will have its power drained when the headlights or sirens are left on while the Vehicle is not being operated. When the Vehicle is being operated, the Vehicle Battery will automatically begin to recharge. Default spawning Quality values of a Vehicle Battery are 50% to 75%.

Vehicle Batteries can be manually removed from a Vehicle from the Vehicle Context Menu. It can be attached by holding the Vehicle Battery, and pressing LMB by default, assuming there is currently no Vehicle Battery in the Vehicle. If power reaches 0%, the Vehicle Battery is deleted entirely and must be replaced.


A Vehicle Battery has an 80% chance to spawn inside a Vehicle. Additional Vehicle Batteries can be found as a part of the Gas spawn-group.



  • All Vehicles use the same type of Vehicle Battery to be powered.
    • Surprisingly, any Vehicle is also capable of recharging it.
  • It is currently impossible for a Vehicle Battery to run out of power while being operated. It easily runs down, though, when the vehicle is left with headlamps or siren on.
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