Vaccine 269.png
ID 269
Rarity Rare
Type Medicine
Slots 2 Slots (1x2)
Health +15%
Immunity +45%



The Vaccine is a Rare Medicine in Unturned 3.


The Vaccine is found in Pharmacies and Hospitals.




  • The Vaccine has the same model as other syringes, only having a different color.
  • The way in which the Vaccine is used in-game is very inaccurate compared to how a vaccine is used in real-life. In real life, a vaccine is taken before a disease is contracted in order to protect against it, not taken after the fact to reduce the severity of an infection. The usage difference might be due to game balancing reasons.,
  • The player being able craft their own Vaccine using a Metal Can, Bricks, Glue, and Chemicals is a joke about how certain groups of uneducated people like to inaccurately say vaccines are made from "dangerous chemicals," "toxic aluminum," and "ground up bricks", despite the fact that they are not made of these items.
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