My own "Sniper" set-up for the Maplewood

Over here is my set-up for the Maplestrike.

I used the Maplestrike as a "Sniper" for both Zombies and Players.

Why the Maplestrike?

> The Maplestrike uses NATO rounds, which is very (Based on my experiences) common in Military Areas, and they do Exceptional Damage. (1 headshot for Civilian Zombies and 2 Headshots for Military Zombies)

> The Maplestrike is also common (Again, based on my experiences) in Military Areas.

> Since it Uses NATO Rounds, and as we all Know there are NATO drums in-game, Ammo Capacity isn't a Problem.

I used the Following attachments for this set-up:

- NATO Drum (4 Military Bullets to Refill)

- Suppressor 

- Bipod

- Vector 12x Scope 

What's yours?

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