Every known location is unsafe! Pesky zombies can chase you in radius, but what about the forest, mountain, and some others? They are the best spots to make a home, but would it be tiring if you're too far away from known locations?

My favourite place is the blocked-up house. Reasons? No zombie can get into the house, plus I get free stuff everytime I log into singleplayer, especially the military box which gives me either magazines/slugs for my Zubeknakov/Mosen/Novuh (also civilian bullets that will refill my magazines). Another reason is that I could Xp farm, by sniping civilian zombies with the Zubeknakov, and then melee the rest with the katana. If I'm hungry, I can get food from homes.

Things in the camping place:

  • Campfire
  • Barricades (for decoration)
  • Ladder
  • Notes
  • Crates

So if anyone's reading this, it would be fine to share your favourite spot. It can be either for single player, multiplayer or both!

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