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Hey there, friends!

Thanks for taking the time out of your life to explore the blog post I've written - well more like typed - to explore my opinion upon this wikia's Chat.

What is "Chat"?

The chat is basically a place where registered users may go on and talk to other online users of the wikia. It is automatically disabled/enabled depending on settings when creating a wikia.

Why would I need this?

The wikia chat can offer many pros and cons, which can relate to the game or not. I've been part of many wikias, especially The Elder Scrolls wikia. I've chatted with people on there and they mostly talk casually or help out people needing help with the games. Here's what I've come up with from past experience:


  1. Immediate Help - If anyone is online, they may or may not be able to help you with information if you need it at that time. I requested the chat to be enabled for this purpose mainly.
  2. Casual Talk - If you've had a stressful day, or just got ambushed/raided in Unturned, you can come on to the chat to have a shoulder to cry on, so to speak. Maybe we can even help avenge you?
  3. A Sense of Comradery - The fact that you have fellow Wikia members on the chat with you can actually create a comforting sense and even help you out in the near future or even the present!


  1. Advertisement - There should be no advertisement for servers, clans, etc. Trades, however, can be made if it wishes to be in slight secrecy.
  2. Trolling/Flaming - I'm positive that at least one incident will break out of a flame war or troll that will invade the chat and start making our lives miserable until they are dealt with. No worries, that's why we have moderators and administrators!
  3. People In General - Sometimes, there might not even be a solitary person on the chat or even the wikia itself. This can prove disappointing, but you could always leave a message for someone on their wall, if you wish. Hopefully this blog post will persuade people to start using the chat directory.

Are there any rules?

I am not incharge of making the rules for the chat/wikia, as that is the administrators and the founder's doings only. However, if you have this question remaining muddled, you may ask Deathismad, the founder of the wiki, if there is any.

~ Siloron [McLovin] ~

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