Welcome to the Post!

Welcome to my third post! In this one, I'll be explaining the best places to place camp, the pros and cons of each, and my little place.

Near Montague

The road leading to the Peninsula, right next to Montague, is an ideal place. For me, at least. The only acceptable land for me is on the dirt path itself. I've created a two story home, 2x2 foundation, and a roof. I could be self sustaining in all fields other than water, as my farm lies ontop of my house with my roof. Beside that is my garage upgraded with stone structuring, holstering my Ambulance. It is a quaint location, where zombies don't bother me unless my car gets too close. It's relatively free from player activity, as well.


  • Low Zombie Activity near the area.
  • Great wood resources.
  • Close to the water.


  • Kinda near a newbie spawn area/hotspot.
  • Town has no gas station.

Up the road from Confederation Bridge

My original and first ever compound/home resided here. It's a quaint little spot, but make sure you're defenses and house are up enough, as a military zombie spawn is up the road from the checkpoint. I happened to be lucky enough to place my stuff just right, just before he added the extra zombie spawn. It is relatively flat land and is near 1 major and 1 medium-important source of military and medical loot, along with one of three places to get police loot.


  • Large loot table nearby.
  • Relatively flat land.
  • Near the water and a vehicle spawn.


  • No direct food/drink source.
  • Large zombie spawn.
  • A little bit of a walk from towns.

Any other places?

Not many other places are easy to settle into, either due to lack of resources or because of zombie/player threat. If you find any, you can gladly post on my blog and I can include them. Give a proper description of your plot of land [not your base, unless you wish to share that information] so I can get a better idea of what to write.

~ Siloron [McLovin] | Dyavoly Heroes Commander | ~

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