>be me

>playing on rp server 

>drive by farm

>get shot at by 12-year-old leafyishere fanboy

>12 year old shoots off wheel

>crash into tree

>messages the admin about the incident

>says to meet me at main rp town

>admin had enough of tucker the fucker

>meet up with admin

>gives me some unspawnable items (cuz this is creative rp)

>ask if more peeps can come

>says yes

>gets all the people in the server


>admin spawns in huey and m60s


>we fly over to farm

>tucker starts spraying with nykroyev

>illegal nykroyev runs out of ammo

>we land and kill tucker

>go inside farm

>blow shit up

>tucker realizes we are raiding him

>tucker craps out insults

>calls us ni**** f***ot, wh***, sl*ts, b*tches, and autistic idubbbz fanboys

>leave the barn

>admin spawns in cerebrus

>we destroy the base

>tucker starts hacking

>fucking toggles god mode

>admin punches tucker to death

>tucker starts hackusating

>admin has enough of tucker's bullshit and beats him to death with a stale baguette


>tucker has a fucking sezuire

>admin says that leafy and tucker has something similar

>tucker stops raging

>admin says that both of them dont have chins


>admin punches tucker one last time and bans him



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