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Vehicle Customization Ideas

  • 1 Vehicle-Mounted Weapons and Defenses
    • 1.1 Mounted MG
    • 1.2 Armor Plating
    • 1.3 Wooden Plating
    • 1.4 Wooden Spikes
    • 1.5 Mounted AR
    • 1.6 Metal Spikes
    • 1.7 Caltrop Box
  • 2 Utilities
    • 2.1 Side-Strapped Fuel Cans
    • 2.2 Fuel Extender
  • 3 Paint Jobs

Basically, any MG can be mounted either on top of several vehicles (in the bed of the pickup, on top of the military vehicles and APC, or at the back or front of any vehicle with a back or front window. They basically work like a normal MG, but with no recoil, more accuracy, and a (theroretically) infinite magazine. You load them by putting in military or civilian ammo boxes, which load 200 rounds in for your usage (makes no sense, sure, but balancing > logic in terms of games). 150 degree turn radius for the front gun, 180 for the back on…

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