So you want to know about ol' Alexei, hmm? Well there ain't much to tell. I was born in Rostov, Russia and raised a bit there till I was about 4. My parents moved to the United States under threat of poverty in our home country. We moved to Delaware, the agricultural capital of Soy Beans in the East Coast. We lived there until I was older and started to learn English and Espanol. I trained in the National Guard until I was eligible for my G.I. Bill, went to Del-Tech, got my Associates, and joined the State Troopers. T'is all good now and I'm doing fine, but finances are getting tough. Not exactly the "American Dream" type of economy or financial debt, now is it?


I happen to of founded and lead a clan called the Dyavoly Heroes. We only operate on Unturned 1 and Unturned 2. We are heroes as the name suggests and we only hire people that are neutral or postive in their ways. For more information, please be directed to my website:

My Hobbies:


Metal Detecting

Target Practice [Competitions]

Contact: or

Unturned: Siloron [G]

Unturned 2: Siloron [McLovin] [G]

Anything you wanna know? Email me or contact me online. I'll have a server up daily from probably around 4:00 PM EST to 8:00 PM EST [U.S. Time]

|Silent Canada|

PvE or PvP

Gold or Normal [I'm a gold member.]

Standard Server. On PEI map.

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