Hello there! If you don't know me, then let me introduce myself. I am Xx Minergames xX, a fairly small YouTuber that doesn't post much content (mostly bc i'm busy). I tend to want things in the best shape they can be in, so I try to keep the wiki as up to date as I can. Also, I tend to be a bit antsy when it comes to blank or poorly written wiki pages. lol

Also, I just hit my 1000 edit milestone within 1 year of joining the wiki community. Hooray! Not much compared to other active wiki editors, but I see it as a great achievement for me.

A bit of Background


So I have been playing Unturned for about a year now, being a seasoned player with over 500 hours logged. I have plenty of knowledge for playing the game, and I would be happy to share them.

Recently, I've been playing on the California map, as I would like to get a feel for how the map is and to update the wiki. Though, I would like to start getting the newly added items added onto the wiki. I don't get to play Unturned too often, as I have work to do, and that I am unable to play on my laptop which I used to play it on. So I mostly go off of anything I experience through previous gameplay experience. 

I also own a discord server if you are interested in joining. Feel Free To Join!


So, you might not know that I am the founder of a Racing Team known as MonArch Drifters, a Vehicle Simulator based team from the V.S.R.G.O. Community. Since our debut in October of 2018, we have made lots of growth and progress. We also managed to expand to about 3 other racing games, like Ultimate Driving, Tsukuba Circiti/car game(Dead), and Midnight Racing: Tokyo. When Unturned 4.0 Releases, we plan on expanding to here, due to the new vehicle mechanics being implemented. I myself am eagerly looking forward to this and would love to start racing on here.

If you are interested in joining my racing team, feel free to join our Discord Server here: (note that only people that are actively racing will be accepted.)

Occasionally, I will pop in on the server to make sure everything is going well. If you do intend on joining, do know that Toxicity is not tolerated on this server, and action will be taken against it.

My Forum Pages

These are some of the Forum Pages I created on FANDOM wikis. Feel free to check them out. They might be useful! (I suggest you read my Base Tips thread!) (Untuned Bases: Building and Raiding Advice)

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