Hello guys and welcome to my profile, along 

I like this stuff

  • PDW
  • Loot
  • Gas Masks
  • More Loot
  • Dragon Fang
  • Plaid Shirt
  • Spec Ops Vest
  • Designer Pants
  • L00t
  • memes
  • MREs
  • Rice Chef
  • Canned Soda
  • Cake
  • The Hawaii map
  • The Dango Map
  • Belgium Map
  • Washington
  • PEI
  • Russia is my fav.
  • Caek
  • Did I mention Loot
  • Crowbar
  • λ
  • SCP Foundation
  • Grenades
  • Dynamite
  • Military Magazines
  • Civvie Ammo for my Civvie Rifles
  • APC
  • Spartan APC
  • France
  • Gas mask filters
  • Chips
  • food
  • Water
  • Medical supplies


Here I suggest things that would make Unturned better

1. NBC/CBRN Suit, a one-piece suit that offers as much protection as military clothing and has a built-in gasmask And has 8 minutes of deadzone protection, takes up all clothing slots exept vest and helmet, also a neck piece, if you put on a full suit of biohazard gear, the neck is exposed and that ruins my immersion.

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