Hello, my name is Ethan "J.C" Garcia, I'm a Scottish-Filipino and I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, raised for 7 years in London, Britain, and Moved to Manila, Philippines.

Today I am 16 years old, currently having summer vacation, and nothing really much to say anymore really.

I do have a lot of Hobbies, usually drawing, gaming, and Exercise, as well as participating in many Airsoft competitions. I'm not the "Dota" kind of guy, I'm more into FPS shooter games than RPG. I also play the Piano, Guitar, and in some occasions, the Violin.

I'm also a Brony, which is obvious because I have the Rainbow Dash Profile picture, please don't even try to pick a worthless fight with me because of it, its just gonna be a waste of time for both of us.

My Google Plus Account:

My Favourite Guns currently in the Unturned 2 universe? the Zubeknakov and the Novuh, why the Novuh? Because I feel like Blackjack from Fallout Equestria :D

Ingame Weapons (41Vocal)

  • Little Macintosh (A Magnum with either the 6x Scope or the Vector 12x)
  • Comatose (A Zubeknakov with a Suppressor, A Red dot Sight, And a Vertical Grip)
  • Mockingjay (A Timberwolf with a Bipod, the 20x Scope, and Lapua Tracer)
  • Katana

Ingame Weapons (Blackjack)

  • Vigilance (An Average Berette)
  • Sacrifice (A Magnum with a Red Dot sight and a Flash Hider)
  • Novuh (With a Horizontal Grip)
  • Nightingale (A Timberwolf with a Bipod, 20x Scope, and a Suppressor)
  • Police Baton

Ingame Accounts

  • 41Vocal (Main account)
  • Blackjack (Second Main Account)
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