Nothing on this list is completely guaranteed to actually be implemented.

Updates are typically released on a Friday.

Planned Additions:

  • Changes to the new curation system that will better display the "Updated" and "New" tags, along with also making the Subscribe button more prominent.
  • Improvements to the server list due to how curated maps are currently considered the same as Workshop content by the filters.
  • Reworking .foliage files to reduce file size and increase efficiency.
  • Numerous feature requests/bug fixes on the Github
    • Option to allow for consumables to cause bleeding when consumed.
    • More Editor Filters to allow for easier map creation.
      • Search Bar for Resources
      • Masterbundle Filters. Would allow for players to toggle which Masterbundles are displayed in the objects menu.
    • Options for more weapon damage types
      • Inflict Hallucinations
      • Break Legs
    • Options for Headgear
      • Ability to use Player's hair colours.
    • Sentry Guns infinite ammo/durability options.
    • Off-Season objects; Inverse of holiday objects, would appear when a holiday (Halloween, Christmas) is not active.
    • Infinite Stamina option for Config.json
    • Cofig.json option to allow/disallow damage between group members
    • Hostile animals option; Would be attracted to gunfire and would have a larger detection range
    • Option to allow for vendors to use items instead of XP as currency.

Curated Content:

  • Insane-size British Isles map by Romelete.
  • Easter Island map.


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