Loot Spawns: None • Only at UFO
Size: Small
Zombie Population: None • Low

The UFO is an Unlisted Location and Easter Egg found on the Washington and Halloween PEI map.


Halloween PEI:

The UFO can be found inside the Pirate Cove.


The UFO can be found at the top left of the map, near Bellevue Golf Course.

Shadowstalkers, Chemicals and Rails spawn near the crashed UFO. There is also an Excavator that was used to uncover the crash. Biohazard and Radioactive zombies spawn around the excavator.

The UFO has a Deadzone Node surrounding it.


  • The UFO is likely part of the Polysol Federation mentioned in the To: Area 51 note.
  • There is a note by the green dome called "Resource Report" meaning the UFO was likely a scout or recon craft.
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