Tignish Campground

Location Type: Campground
Size: Small
Zombie Population: Low
Tent(s): 2
Table(s) 2

Tignish Campground is an old location in Classic. It is an area containing small tents and tables, which is what previously was an island off the coast near the Military base and Burywood. It still exists, being part of Burywood as the campsite of the town.


The area contains 2 tents, 2 tables, a BBQ stand, a well, and a small dock. Inside the tents and on tables may spawn food, materials, and sometimes civilian grade guns & ammunition, rarely also spawning militia grade equipment. Around 5 - 10 civilian zombies spawn here. The campground borders the north side of Burywood.


  • This area doesn't have a lot of interesting features, only having common resources that you can pick up at any town.
  • This area used to be an island, but after the 2.1.4 update, it was connected to the main island and it became Burywood.
    • The name is now off the PEI Map, being replaced by Burywood.


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