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ID 120 (Forest) • 121 (Desert) • 137 (Olive)
Seats 2
Trunk 36 Storage (6x6)
Forward 36kph
Backward 18kph
Brake 24
Vehicle Information
Type Military
File Name Tank_[Type]
Special Cam_Follow_Distance 7.5 • Cam_Driver_Offset -0.0625 • Bumper_Multiplier 2 • Traction • LockMouse
Explosion 20
Exit 4

The Tank is a Legendary Car in Unturned 3. It has two seats, one for the driver and one for the Tank Cannon operator.


Germany: The olive variant spawns at Schwarzald Military Base.

Hawaii: The Desert Tank can spawn at Mauna Kea.

PEI: The Forest Tank spawns at the Confederation Bridge.

Washington: The Desert Tank can spawn at any of the collapsed tunnels.

Russia: The olive variant spawns at Volk Military Base, Zavod and Silo 22.


Disadvantages Advantages
Has relatively slow speed. Tank Cannon does high amounts of damage.
Turret operator is vulnerable to weapons. Driver is well protected from damage.
Ammunition for cannon is very rare. Can withstand a lot of damage.
The driver has a very limited vision while not in the third-person. Tank does very high damage per-shot: Can destroy other tank in two shots.
Entities hit by the Tank are dealt double the normal damage.
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