Main Informations
Neutral Yes
Spawn Location(s) Liberator
Status Introduced in 3.0
Extra Informations

T.Rickster (short for Terry Rickster) is a prisoner jailed on Liberator while his good friend, P.Riso (Pedro Riso) is free from prison, but hiding under the stairs on the Liberator.

The quest that T.Rickster offers is called The Great Escape. It requires the following steps: 

  1. Receive the Upgraded Cake Blueprint from T.Rickster.
  2. Craft/acquire a Cake.
  3. Travel to a Gas Station or Mechanic and find a Stealy Wheely Automobiley.
  4. Use the Upgraded Cake Blueprint to craft the Upgraded Cake.
  5. Return to T.Rickster and talk to him to give him the Upgraded Cake.
  6. Receive your reward.

He sells you berries after you complete this quest.


  • T.Rickster was imprisoned at Fernweh Prison, Germany before the outbreak.