Summerside Peninsula

A key for Summerside Peninsula.

The Summerside Peninsula is a location in Prince Edward Island, which is located near Montague.


The peninsula is home to 3 different areas; the car crash, a large golf course that makes up most of the peninsula and a lighthouse. Each area has different appearances and spawns different types of loot:

  • The car crash is made out of 4 vehicles. The police car spawns police-grade items, the ambulance spawns medical items and two other cars spawn civilian-grade loot. 1-3 police zombies and 3-6 civilian zombies terrorize this area.
  • The golf club has 4 houses and a golf field, spawning civilian-grade loot. It also spawns any militia grade loot inside the small hut (Ranging from 6x Scope to the ( Matamorez). Civilian zombies spawn around it.
  • The lighthouse is a very tall structure located at the end of the peninsula. Civilian-grade loot spawns inside and outside. 3-4 civilian zombies spawn outside of the lighthouse and 1 civilian zombie spawns on top of it. The anomaly used to spawn there before it was removed


  • It is possible to crawl in the vehicles at the car crash. You can do this at the Confederation Bridge too.
  • The poles in the golf field are also a looting position. A pole usually spawns with one civilian item.
  • Summerside Peninsula was the home to a monster known simply as The Anomaly, more evidence will be found in the future.
  • Summerside Peninsula is named after the town of Summerside, the second most populous community on PEI. The actual location is not a peninsula.
  • The Lighthouse is based on a real lighthouse in Prince Edward Island.


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