Summerside Military Base

Summerside Military Base 3.0
Loot Spawns: Military
Size: Medium
Zombie Population: Medium

Summerside Military Base is a Military Location on PEI in Unturned 3


Summerside Military Base is the only other military location in PEI, apart from Confederation Bridge. It has four watch towers (one in each corner), two barracks, a firing range, a helipad, two small armories, and a crashed tank at the back of the base.

A Mega Zombie can spawn at the crashed tank.

Forest Military vehicles can spawn here, such as a Forest Military Offroader, Forest Ural, Forest APC, Forest Transport Heli, etc.




Rare/Very Rare:


  • The Summerside Military Base is based on the real-world location CFB Summerside. It used to function as a military Air Force Base on Prince Edward Island (PEI), though is now used as an airport.
  • Mega Zombies are found uncommonly in this location. Previously, they were extremely common, causing players to farm them for Experience.
  • Originally, there was a crashed military helicopter in the middle of the base. This was later removed in a later patch.
  • The base had HESCO's for the walls and desert colored buildings before the update, when it was converted to the concrete walls.
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