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Stratford 3.0.png
Location Type: Civilian, Construction
Size: Large
Zombie Population: Extremely Large

Stratford is a town on PEI.


Stratford consists of mostly housing and services. Stratford has many essential locations including a gas station, a school, a hospital, a fire station, a police station, and a gun store. This is a good town to start off in, seeing as though you can find guns, clothing, food, and other useful items quite often.


  • Stratford and Alberton are the only towns with big construction locations.
  • Before update, Stratford had no gun store, but it still has a construction site, although smaller. All the taller buildings were removed as well.
  • Stratford is located in the same spot as Burywood from Unturned Classic. In other words, it means Stratford is 3.0's Burywood.
  • In Unturned Classic, Burywood had 2 curved roads, but in 3.0, it has only 1.

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