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In Unturned 3, Steam Achievements are unlockable features only in Steam. As the name suggests, they can be achieved by doing a certain type of action varying from killing something, going into specific places, etc.

Current Achievements

Throughout Unturned 3 there are many Steam achievements to collect, varying in difficulty to obtain. There are currently a total of 63 Achievements to gain in Unturned 3, and there were a total of 14 Achievements to obtain in Unturned 2.0.

Unturned 3

Achievement Name Description Image Tips/Explanation
Welcome to PEI Find your way to Prince Edward Island. Welcome to PEI Achievement U3.jpg Open the PEI map.
A Bridge Too Far Fail to contain the virus A Bridge Too Far Achievement U3.jpg Run to the end of the Confederation Bridge, where the invisible wall is.
Mastermind Fully learn all your skills. Mastermind Achievement U3.jpg Upgrade every skill to its maximum level.
Offense Fully learn your offense skill tree. Offense Achievement U3.jpg Upgrade everything in your offensive skill tree to its maximum level.
Defense Fully learn your defense skill tree. Defense Achievement U3.jpg Upgrade everything in your defensive skill tree to its maximum level.
Support Fully learn your support skill tree. Support Achievement U3.jpg Upgrade everything in your support skill tree to its maximum level.
Experienced Gain yourself 1000 experience. Experienced Achievement U3.jpg Earn a total of 1000 experience points.
Hoarder Find yourself 1000 items. Hoarder Achievement U3.jpg Collect 1000 items, excluding items which are already collected.
Outdoors Harvest yourself 100 resources. Outdoors Achievement U3.jpg Chop down 100 trees and/or 100 mining nodes.
Psychopath Kill 100 players. Psychopath Achievement U3.jpg Murder 100 players using any type of weapon.
Murderer Kill 10 players. Murderer Achievement U3.jpg Kill 10 players using any type of weapon.
Survivor Kill 100 normal zombies. Survivor Achievement U3.jpg Kill 100 zombies (Except Mega Zombies) using any type of weapon.
Unturned Kill 1000 normal zombies. Unturned Achievement U3.jpg Kill 1000 zombies (Except Mega Zombies) using any type of weapon.
Hardened Kill a Mega zombie. Hardened Achievement U3.jpg Kill one Mega Zombie using any type of weapon.
Forged Kill 10 Mega Zombies. Forged Achievement U3.jpg Kill 10 Mega Zombies using any type of weapon.
Scavenger Find yourself 100 items. Scavenger Achievement U3.jpg Collect 100 items, excluding items which are already collected.
Camper Harvest yourself 10 resources. Camper Achievement U3.jpg Chop down 10 trees and/or 10 mining nodes.
Schooled Gain yourself 100 experience. Schooled Achievement U3.jpg Earn a total of 100 experience points.
Berries !? Berries Achievement U3.jpg Consume hallucinogenic items.
Accident Prone Die 10 times. Accident Prone Achievement U3.jpg Get killed 10 times.
Behind the Wheel Find yourself a vehicle. Behind the Wheel Achievement U3.jpg Enter a vehicle.
Welcome to the Yukon Find your way to Yukon Welcome to the Yukon Achievement U3.jpg Open the Yukon map.
Welcome to Washington Find your way to Washington Welcome to Washington Achievement U3.jpg Open the Washington map.
Graduation Complete your education. Graduation Achievement U3.jpg Complete the Tutorial map.
Fishing Catch yourself 10 fish Fishing Achievement U3.jpg Catch a total of 10 fish.
Crafting Craft yourself 100 items Crafting Achievement U3.jpg Craft a total of 100 items.
Farming Grow yourself 100 plants Farming Achievement U3.jpg Harvest a total of 100 crops.
Headshot Hit 100 headshots Headshot Achievement U3.jpg Hit 100 headshots.
Sharpshooter Hit 1000 headshots Sharpshooter Achievement U3.jpg Hit 1000 headshots.
Hiking Travel 50,000 m on foot Hiking Achievement U3.jpg Travel 50,000 meters on foot.
Roadtrip Travel 100,000 m by any vehicle. Roadtrip Achievement U3.jpg Travel 100,000 m by any vehicle.
Champion Win 3 arena matches Champion Achievement U3.jpg Win 3 arena matches.
Fortified Build yourself 250 objects Fortified Achievement U3.jpg Place 250 barricades or structures.
Welcome to Russia Find your way to Russia. Welcome to Russia Achievement U3.jpg Open the Russia map.
Soulcrystal ??? Soulcrystal Achievement U3.jpg Solve the Soulcrystal Puzzle.
Paragon Attain a respected reputation. Paragon Achievement U3.jpg Get a reputation of 200.
Villain Attain an intimidating reputation. Villain Achievement U3.jpg Get a reputation of -200.
Mk. II ??? Mk. II Achievement U3.jpg Solve the Mk. II Puzzle.
Helping Hand Finish a quest. Helping Hand Achievement U3.jpg Complete a quest for any NPC.
Ensign Rise to Ensign rank in the Coalition. Ensign Achievement U3.jpg Complete enough quests to be promoted to Ensign in the coalition.
Lieutenant Rise to Lieutenant rank in the Coalition. Lieutenant Achievement U3.jpg Complete enough quests to be promoted to Lieutenant in the coalition.
Major Rise to Major rank in the Coalition. Major Achievement U3.jpg Complete enough quests to be promoted to Major in the coalition.
Welcome to Hawaii Find your way to Hawaii. Welcome to Hawaii Achievement U3.jpg Open the Hawaii Map.
Extinguished Kill a magma zombie. Extinguished Achievement U3.jpg Solve the Extinguished puzzle.
Welcome to Germany Find your way to Germany. Welcome to Germany Achievement U3.jpg Open the Germany Map.
Secrets of Neuschwanstein ??? Secrets of Neuschwanstein Achievement U3.jpg Solve the Secrets of Neuschwanstein puzzle.
Welcome to Kuwait Find your way to Kuwait. Welcome to Kuwait Achievement U3.jpg Open the Kuwait Map.
Squeek Fish out a formidable foe. Squeek Achievement U3.jpg Catch the Squeek Fish in Kuwait.
Feline Friends Feed the cats some fish or milk. Feline Friends Achievement U3.jpg Feed the cats in Kuwait with milk or cooked fish.
Dinosaur Juice Maybe not the best drink. Dinosaur Juice Achievement U3.jpg Drink the Dinosaur Juice in Kuwait.
Home Decor Craft some cute decor. Home Decor Achievement U3.jpg Craft some of the custom Kuwait decor.
Always Watching EYE; Sea; You. Always Watching Achievement U3.jpg Complete "The Eye" quest in Kuwait
Familiar faces Contact the Coalition on Kuwait... Eye; SEA; You. Familiar Faces Achievement U3.jpg Complete Amira's questline in Kuwait
Welcome to Ireland Find your way to Ireland. Welcome to Ireland Achievement U3.jpg Open the Ireland Map.
Honorary Benson Honorary Benson Achievement U3.jpg Complete the Elver Quests line.
Welcome to Elver Find your way to Elver. Welcome to Elver Achievement U3.jpg Open the Elver Map.
Santa's Little Helper Deliver all of Santa's undelivered gifts during the winter holiday festivities. Santa's Little Helper Achievement U3.jpg Deliver all of the presents to Police Station, Fire Station, Doughnut Shop, and Hockey Ring.
Architect Build a big ol' snowman during the winter holiday festivities. Architect Achievement U3.jpg Collect every single carrots from small snowman than build the big snowman.
Cookie Cook Try out Sous-Chef Roman's festive recipe during the winter holiday festivities. Cookie Cook Achievement U3.jpg Complete the Gingerbread Army Quest.
A Star in the Sky Power up the Seattle skyline during the winter holiday festivities. A Star in the Sky Achievement U3.jpg Add Chemicals, Metal Scrap, and Crystal Ice to turn on the generator
Welcome to Arid Find your way to Arid. Welcome to Arid Achievement U3.jpg Open the Arid Map.
Arid Finale Finish all main quests on Arid. Arid Finale Achievement U3.jpg Complete the Arid Quests line.
Lock, Stock and Barrel Assemble a rocket launcher. Lock, Stock and Barrel Achievement U3.jpg Crafting RPG with RPG Barrel, RPG Breech, RPG Scope, RPG Trigger Assembly, and Illegal Gun Parts

Unturned 2.0

Achievement Name Description Image Tips/Explanation
Graduate Attempt learning. Graduate Achievement U2.0.jpg Complete the Tutorial.
True Guts Consume some unsavory food. True Guts Achievement U2.0.jpg Eat food which increases sickness (Moldy vegetables, drinks and dangerous berries).
A Bridge Too Far Find the other side of a bridge. A Bridge Too Far Achievement U2.0.jpg Travel to the end of Confederation Bridge (Where the invisible wall is).
Chess Find the 2014 chess tournament. Chess Achievement U2.0.jpg Swim to Courtin Island (The island behind Belfast Airport) and find the chessboard on a table
Skilled Fully learn a skill. Skilled Achievement U2.0.jpg Fully upgrade any of the eight skills.
A Day In The Sun Find someone having a good time. A Day In The Sun Achievement U2.0.jpg Swim to Oultons Isle (The island off the coast of Charlottetown) and find the mannequin on a couple of boxes.
Crimes Against Zombanity Kill 1,000 zombies. Crimes Against Zombanity Achievement U2.0.jpg Kill any type of zombie with any type of weapon.
Hunter Kill 100 animals. Hunter Achievement U2.0.jpg Kill deer or pigs with any type of weapon.
Outdoorsman Collect 1,000 resources. Outdoorsman Achievement U2.0.jpg Cut down trees and mine boulders, then collect items from them
Crimes Against Humanity Kill 100 players. Crimes Against Humanity Achievement U2.0.jpg Kill players using any type of weapon.
Hero Be a really nice person. Hero Achievement U2.0.jpg Become a hero by reaching 70 reputation.
Bandit Be a really mean person. Bandit Achievement U2.0.jpg Become a bandit by reaching -70 reputation.
Experienced Fully learn every skill. Experienced Achievement U2.0.jpg Fully upgrade every skill in the game in one life. Skills include Survival, Endurance, Sneakybeaky, Marksman, Outdoors, Warrior, Craftsman and Immunity.
Knowledgeable Acquire 10,000 experience. Knowledgeable Achievement U2.0.jpg Have 10,000 experience available at one time (experience points invested in Skills are not counted).


  • 24 More steam achievements were added as of the beta update.
    • 7 more steam achievements were added in the beta update.
      • "Hiking" and "Roadtrip" achievements got tweaked in the beta update to require 50.000 m on foot and 100.000 m by vehicle instead of the original 100.000 m on foot and 1.000.000 m by vehicle.
  • Steam achievements were added before early access was held.
  • Sometimes the 2.0 achievement "True Guts" cannot be achieved. To fix this, just reconnect, and eat some more moldy food.
  • The items shown in the "Hoarder" achievement icon are Canned Beans, a Timberwolf, and Bottled Water.
    • A similar achievement in the beta version, "Scavenger", shows a Bat instead of the Timberwolf.
  • Unturned 2.0 achievements were eliminated upon the release of Unturned 3 on the main branch.
  • "A Bridge Too Far" is an idiom inspired by Operation Market Garden in World War II, meaning an act of overreaching. It was first said by Frederick Browning.