Stamina mip 0
is the energy that the player has. It is one of five statuses for the player.

Stamina is drained by sprinting, jumping or by performing power attacks (right clicking) with melee weapons, unless the player has the highest skill level for endurance. The higher the Endurance level of the player, the less stamina they will consume when performing actions. Power attacks take up the same amount of stamina as jumping.

Energy usage (Without Endurance Skill)

Sprinting - 9.3% every second

Jumping - 10% every jump

Power Attack - 10% every power attack, 20% in some long melee weapons (e.g. sledgehammer)


  • Shift Jumping will lose 12% energy. Not 10.
  • Stamina boosting items don't increase stamina, it only speeds up the stamina gain.
  • Stamina will reset if disconnected and reconnected.

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