St. Petersburg is a city in Russia. It is located north of Novobirsk, east of Keryev, west of Moscow, and south of Zavod.


The city contains various stores and service locations such as bistros and Gas Stations. Akin to Moscow, several houses and apartments can be found. In the center of town is a manhole leading to the metro, where a Toiler can spawn, as well as military gear.

The most notable area is the metro which can only be accessed from the sheltered manhole located in center of the city or the metro entrance at the northern end of the city. However, you will need a light source such as a Flashlight in order to see, as deep into the subway it becomes pitch black and impossible to see. Nightvision or a lighting accessory is recommended, as you will need a free hand to kill the zombies that spawn inside. This area is unique, as it plays an eerie background sound while exploring. The metro is decorated with rubble and wrecked objects like trains, with several military camps established throughout the area, where weaponry and ammunition can be found. Construction worker zombies and Military Zombies spawn at the manhole entrance to the subway system, while police zombies spawn in large numbers at the main subway entrance. The entrance to the Soulcrystal Puzzle chamber can be found at the end of the wrecked trains just behind the rubble.


  • Several graffiti markings can be found on the walls of the metro.
    • The red writing near the sewer entrance is a Russian word. It reads 'Nelson' in Russian letters, which is the first name of the developer of Unturned.
    • A colorful word saying 'Sk8r' on the wall of the tunnels. It's the leet/1337 word for skater.
    • A yellow triangle with an eye in the middle. It's a reference to the illuminati, or just based on the illuminati symbol itself. Can be found in the lower metro tracks.
    • A large face of a zombie on the wall near the military installment. It is obviously based on the face of a zombie, likely implying that the artist saw what zombies' faces look like.
    • A wall tally of a total of seventy-one scratches can be found near the room containing Sergey's Journal.
  • It is possible to glitch through the walls by using vehicles. Doing so would reveal how the "underground" system was created.
  • Viewing the city from afar would cause the structures to not render in. A large crater would be present, instead. This is due to the fact that the underground system cannot be made with the earth present at that level.

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