Helicopter crash in the morning.

St. Peter's Island is a small island containing a military location in Prince Edward Island. It is usually populated with 5-7 military zombies around the Helicopter crash site.


The Island can be faintly sighted from Charlottetown and is directly across the water from Alberton. When looking at St. Peter's Island from Alberton, the helicopter crash site can be seen on the very left of the island.

The island is relatively small and the helicopter takes up about 1/8 of the island. It is possible to see Taylor Beach, Charlottetown's dock, and Alberton's dock (along with the S.S. Haven) from the island.


  • The crash site offers medium to high grade military loot, ranging from the common sandbag to the extremely rare Timberwolf.
  • Usually, 5 military zombies ranging from forest to desert camouflage spawn around the region of the helicopter.
  • The Helicopter crash site seems intact, other than the fact that it's lodged into the ground and created a crater.
  • It is possible to transport a car from the mainland to St. Peter's Island by putting 30 or more foundations or platforms going straight to the island.
  • The helicopter seems to be based on the Bell UH-1 Iroquois Helicopter.


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