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CA AWM 4101
ID 4101
Context Legendary Ranged Weapon
Equip Primary: 10 slots (5x2)
Fire Mode
Safety • Semi
Range 400 meters • 437.44532 yards
0.98039 RPS
Durability 100% degrade chance (2 wear)
Hook Sight • Tactical
Default 9x Scope
Size 5x2
Player Damage
Damage 100
Zombie Damage
Damage 200
Animal Damage
Damage 110
Miscellaneous Damage
Size 5x2
Muzzle 4
Recoil and Shake
Aim ADS recoil multiplier of 0.25



The Snowfox is a Legendary Ranged Weapon in Unturned 3. It is chambered in Snowfox Magazines, which hold 10 rounds per magazine, and has a Sharpshooter Scope attached by default.


California: It can be found very rarely at Military Locations, as a high-tier loot spawn.



  • Has the highest sniper ammo capacity, tied with the Hecate and Rubicon.
  • Highest range of a ranged weapon in the game, beating out all other snipers. Only tied with Esfalka.


  • Magazines are very rare.
  • Does not accept Grip or Barrel hook attachments.
  • Like all bolt-action rifles, you must un-zoom to chamber in another round, which might cause you to lose track of a moving target.
    • Re-chamber time is slow, compared to that of the Hecate.
  • Very Rare.



  • There is a small spelling error in the description of the item, where it says "shniper" instead of sniper. This is not a wiki editor's fault, it is actually in the item's description, possibly overlooked by the curators.
  • It is based off of the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum, with black furniture. Despite this, it doesn't come with the AWM Scope attached by default.
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