ID 95
Seats 1
Trunk 25 Storage (5x5)
Forward 72 km/h
Backward 9 km/h
Brake N/A
File Name Skycrane
Special LockMouse • Engine Helicopter
Explosion 20
Exit 2.5

The Skycrane is an Epic Helicopter in Unturned 3. It is a bright orange helicopter. When a vehicle parks directly beneath the metal magnet in the back of the Skycrane, you can get inside the Skycrane and hit the "Control" Key to activate the magnet and it will pick up whatever vehicle (Car) was beneath it. To release the vehicle hit the "Control" key again. The vehicle can either be released on the ground, where it can then be driven away, or it can be dropped from the air, which may damage the vehicle.


Yukon: At Off Limits.


  • It is most likely based on the real-life Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane.
  • If the headlights in the held vehicle are on, they will function as headlights for the Skycrane.
    • However, since The Player has to be in the Vehicle for it to not drain the battery, usage is limited.
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