Silo 22

Russia level.png

Location Type: Military (Ranger)
Size: Small
Zombie Population: Large

Silo 22 is a location on Russia in Unturned 3.


Silo 22 is located in the north part of Russia, and is a high-tier Military Location. This location is within a deadzone, so a Gasmask is required to gain access, along with Filters to repair the gasmask. A Ranged Weapon is recommended, as the zombies at the location are irradiated, and will explode with damaging green goo upon death.

If approaching from the road, there will be a small military checkpoint at the intersection leading from Silo 22, featuring a watchtower, barracks, and some crates & metal fences. A few high-tier items may spawn, though mostly average military loot will spawn. Some military vehicles may spawn at this small checkpoint (e.g. Ural, Toiler)

Arriving at the silo, you will be met with two possible enterances: the blast doors at the bottom of the wall, and the two ramps at the top of the wall. At the top, there will be a few barracks, which may spawn some high tier loot, though will most likely spawn normal military loot. Upon entering through the top entrance, there will be multiple rooms, some of which can spawn high-tier items (e.g. High Caliber Ranger Ammunition Boxes, Detonators). The bottom-most floor of Silo 22 is the Launch Control Room, which can spawn multiple high-tier items, including an Alicepack, or even a Hell's Fury rarely.

The entrance at the bottom of the wall is blocked by the large Blast Doors leading to the rocket, though they can be opened. The blast doors are the same doors as found on Germany at the Aerospace Defense Complex, and require some type of Generator to supply power to operate it.

Proceed with caution when visiting this location, as a Spec Ops Mega Zombie can spawn here, either under the rocket or in the control room.


  • The wall and blast doors of Silo 22 can be seen on Russia's loading screen and level icon.
  • The note General Boris' Diary can be found here.
  • A washing machine can be found directly in the center of the Silo 22 deadzone.
  • The second floor contains a note required to finish The Conspiracy's Conclusion quest.
  • The missile was originally intended to hit Moscow in order to limit the spread of the virus, but a Russian general sabotaged the missile making it spew radiation in the surrounding area.

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