Shadowstalker Mk. II
ShadowstalkerMk2 1441
ID 1441
Context Mythical Ranged Weapon
Equip Primary: 10 slots (5x2)
Fire Mode
Safety • Semi
Range 300 meters • 328.08399 yards
3.125 RPS
Durability 0% degrade chance (0 wear)
Hook Grip • Sight • Tactical
Default Shadowstalker Mk. II Scope
Shadowstalker Mk. II
Size 5x2
Player Damage
Damage 50
Zombie Damage
Damage 75
Animal Damage
Damage 50
Miscellaneous Damage
Shadowstalker Mk. II
Size 5x2
Muzzle 42
Recoil and Shake
Aim ADS recoil multiplier of 1
Shadowstalker Mk. II
Size 5x2



The Shadowstalker Mk. II is a Mythical Ranged Weapon in Unturned 3.


Russia: Obtained at the end of the Mk. II Puzzle.



  • Insane damage against players, zombies, and animals.
  • No bullet drop.
  • Large effective range.
  • No recoil.
  • No degrade chance.
  • Minimal bullet spread.


  • Cannot use Barrel Attachments.
  • Ammunition cannot be replenished.
  • Very loud.
  • If fired at close range, it can damage the user.
  • Requires solving the Mk. II Puzzle to obtain.


  • The Shadowstalker Mk. II and its attachments are the only non-Steam items to be of Mythical Rarity.
  • Its damage, though listed as 50 for players in the game files, is amplified by the 100 damage added by the Shadowstalker Mk. II Drum, raising it to a whopping 150 damage per hit.
  • It, along with the Augewehr, Shadowstalker, and Lancer, is one of the only four weapons that comes with a default scope.
  • Scorpion-7 had invented the Shadowstalker Mk. II by building on the Mk. I tech, and using soulcrystal-based integration.
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