Location Type: Civilian, Construction, Military, Ranger
Size: Very Large
Zombie Population: Extremely Large

Seattle is a large city in the Washington map.


Seattle is a large city, containing a variety of structures and loot. The most notable parts include the highway, and construction site (and crane). Every type of store can be found, along with houses, multiple apartments and office buildings. Civilian loot mostly spawn in the city, apart from the highway and the construction site, where military items spawn. Ranger loot can spawn in the bank. A Mega Zombie can be found at the construction site. A medical tent can also be found at the construction site, spawning military grade loot. Due to its large population of zombies, It is very dangerous to try to pick off the zombies with a gun. The highway is dotted with crashed washing machines. The tall buildings and the crane at the construction site make good places for snipers as they give large views of the city.


  • Seattle is displayed on the map loading screen.
  • Seattle is third largest city in the game, after Moscow.
  • The Space Needle, a real-life landmark, can be found in Seattle.
  • As with the addition of the Russia map, Seattle is no longer the only city in the game to have two police and fire stations.
  • On Washington Arena, the Shadowstalker and its Rails can rarely be found in the crane.


All the buildings in this city:

Building area

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