Sandbag 365
File Sandbag
ID 365
Rarity Uncommon
Type Barricade
Slots 1 Slots (1x1)
Health 300
Range 4
Radius 0.4
Offset 0.5
Explosion 19



The Sandbag is a barricade in Unturned 3.



Building (Unturned 3)

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Ss (2014-07-18 at 01.20.10)

Sandbags placed next to a green Humvee

Item Type: Barricade
Barricade Health:


Equippable? Yes
Stackable? Yes
Placeable? Yes
Weight: 0.15kg
Examine Text: Sand in cloth sacks.

Sandbags are a common barricade item found at military locations. Due to its high endurance and availability, sandbags may be used to effectively wall off an area to set up a camp.


Sandbags are found in 5 locations, all of them being military locations. These locations are; O'Leary Military Base, the green tent and bridge checkpoint in the Confederation Bridge, the helicopter crash in St. Peter's Island, the tent in Montague and some places in Belfast Airport.




  • Sandbags are very durable.
  • Players can jump over them, but zombies need to destroy.
  • It is common.
  • It is light weight, weighing 2.5kg for every stack.
  • It is stackable.
  • Effective barricades against vehicles.


  • Sandbags are found in dangerous military locations.
  • They aren't effective barricades to stop other players from getting through; hostile players can jump over them (multiplayer only)
  • Players have limited cover other than laying down.


  • Half the size of a player, These can be used for things such as jump-overs for a base.
  • Sandbags are easily collectible due to the fact that they stack.
  • There are some indestructible sandbags across the map. Known locations are; Belfast Airport, Montague, S.S Haven and Confederation Bridge.

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