Safezone Radiator
File Safezone
ID 1050
Rarity Legendary
Type Barricade
Slots 4 Slots (2x2)
Health 450
Range 4
Radius 0.50
Offset 0.50
Special N/A
Explosion 36



The Safezone Radiator is a Legendary Barricade in Unturned 3. It resembles a Generator with green plating and additional parts.


The Safezone Radiator requires a nearby Generator that is turned on in order for it to work. When turned on, nearby item and zombie spawn points are rendered non-functional. This means that items and zombies cannot (re)spawn in the area as long as its generator is still powered. However, zombies from outside the Safezone Radiator's influence can still enter the area.

While it's functional, it emits a rumbling sound that is identical to the one that the generator produces.


The Safezone Radiator requires level 3 crafting.

Metal Sheet (x6) + Metal Bar (x6) + Vaccine (x1) + Blowtorch (x1) = Safezone Radiator


  • Unturned's prototype, Deadzone, has a similar feature called the Safezone which is an area where all players spawn with no danger from zombies.
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