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Rio de Janeiro
Map Satellite Rio de Janeiro 1.png
Mode Survival: Curated Workshop
Size Large (4096 m2)



Rio de Janeiro was a Timed Curated large curated survival map available in Unturned 3. It is based on the area of the same name.

The map was created by Denis "FlodotelitoKifo" Souza, João "L2" Vitor, Josh "Leprechan12" Hogan, and Nolan "Azzaholic" Ross, in collaboration with Thom "Spebby" Mott. Special thanks is given to Bungo, Michael "Misterl212" Litman, Gregor "D3crypt" Guerrier, Orendi, and Noobyfish.

The map creators can be supported through the purchase of any one of the Rio de Janeiro Bundles, which contains cosmetics themed around the map and its lore. The map was originally planned to be apart of the 3.31.x update, however due to Nelson making changes to the curated system it ended up just being a part of the 3.30.5.x update.

Rio de Janeiro contains a single large Deadzone, which is the top right corner of the map, where the headquarters of the ZPD (Zombie Protection Department) is located. The Deadzone is also home to an unlisted Bunker, Cave System, and a slum.


  • Rio de Janeiro has the record for the longest time in development beating out France with 2.5 years in development
    • The map was accepted for Curation a week after France
  • NPCs were planned, and are partially implemented, but still not finished to this day.
    • This is in part due to the creator of the NPCs quitting the project/game before they were completed.
  • The map originally released with a bug that caused only one item to spawn from spawn nodes.
    • This was due to the game incorrectly loading spawn tables when a map is installed while the game is still open.
      • This could be fixed by simply relaunching the game or installing the map while the game was closed.
  • A memorial is present to the North West of the map and is dedicated to Azzaholic's long-dead cat, Banjo.
    • The location is also a safezone
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