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Rio de Janeiro
Map Satellite Rio de Janeiro 1.png
Mode Survival: Curated Workshop
Size Large (4096 m2)



Rio de Janeiro was a Timed Curated large curated survival map available in Unturned 3. It is based on the area of the same name.

The map was created by Denis "FlodotelitoKifo" Souza, João "L2" Vitor, Josh "Leprechan12" Hogan, and Nolan "Azzaholic" Ross, in collaboration with Thom "Spebby" Mott. Special thanks is given to Bungo, Michael "Misterl212" Litman, Gregor "D3crypt" Guerrier, Orendi, and Noobyfish.

The map creators can be supported by purchasing the Rio National Guard Bundle, Rio Vaccinator Bundle, or Rio Tamer Bundle from the Stockpile, which contains cosmetics themed around the map and its lore. The map was originally planned to be apart of the 3.31.x update, however due to Nelson making changes to the curated system it ended up just being a part of the 3.30.5.x update.

Rio de Janeiro contains a single large Deadzone, which is the top right corner of the map, where the headquarters of the ZPD (Zombie Protection Department) is located. The Deadzone is also home to an unlisted Bunker, Cave System, and a slum.


  • Rio de Janeiro held the record for the longest time in development beating out France with 2.5 years in development
    • It was later beaten out by Kuwait in May of 2021, with 4 years in development.
    • The map was accepted for Curation a week after France
  • NPCs were planned, and are partially implemented, but still not finished to this day.
    • This is in part due to the creator of the NPCs quitting the project/game before they were completed.
  • The map originally released with a bug that caused only one item to spawn from spawn nodes.
    • This was due to the game incorrectly loading spawn tables when a map is installed while the game is still open.
      • This could be fixed by simply relaunching the game or installing the map while the game was closed.
  • A memorial is present to the North West of the map and is dedicated to Azzaholic's long-dead cat, Banjo.
    • The location is also a safezone
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There are fifteen location nodes on the map.

Map Nodes: Alto da SerraSantos JointMagéSão GonçaloRecanto FarmNiteróiItaipaucuRio de JaneiroCopacabanaSerra FarmSao Jose FarmAfonsos BaseNilopolisDuque de CaxiasGovernator Island

There are fourteen unlistted location on the map.

Abandoned Military ConvoyBancáriosIlha RasaPraia VermelhaMorro da UrcaNorthern Abandon YachtNorthern East Collapsed TunnelNorthern West Collapsed TunnelOlympic Aquatics StadiumSouthern Abandon YachtSouthern East Collapsed TunnelSouthern West Collapsed TunnelRio-Niterói Bridge Police CheckpointWest Collapsed Tunnel

Map Nodes:

Ilha Rasa:

Ilha Rasa is an unlisted location in the map Rio de Janerio. Ilha Rasa is a small island in the Atlantic Ocean south of the Guanabara Bay. It hold the Farol da Ilha Rasa also known as the Ilha Rasa Lighthouse. There is nothing of intrest here.

On the Island there is a small wooden docks a couple buildings including the Ilha Rasa Lighthouse. There are Civilian Zombies, Civilian Loot, and a Boat Spawns here.

Pão de Açúcar:

Pão de Açúcar is an unlisted location in the map Rio de Janerio. Pão de Açúcar also known as Sugarloaf Mountain is a tourist attraction located south of the city of Rio de Janerio. The Mountain is the last stop of the Sugarloaf Cable Car which goes through Morro da Urca. Pão de Açúcar is one of the most heavy militarized locations with basic military loot.

At Pão de Açúcar there is Sugarloaf Gourmet which is a good source of food and a parked cable car. There is a Military Tent, Military Canopy, Helipad, and a Fuel Tank. The place can only be accessed by using any aircraft or using wooden or metal plates.

Morro da Urca:

Morro da Urca is an unlisted location in the map Rio de Janerio. Morro da Urca is located south of Rio de Janerio and west of Pão de Açúcar. Its apart of the Sugarloaf Cable Car. It serves as the departing station to Sugarloaf Mountain. Its a good source of Police Loot.

At the entrance there is a bus stop which have a transit spawn which could spawn a Taxi or a Bus. Police Zombies and Police Loot readily avalible. Its also a source of Civilian Loot.

Rio de Janerio:

Rio de Janerio is a beautiful city located on the south west side of the Guanabara Bay. Hosting bars, diners, resturants, beautiful beaches, and the Maracanã Stadium. This city is a good source of police and medical loot.

In Rio the roads blocked with abandoned vehicles and the Maracanã Stadium in a mess.

In Rio the amount of police loot is high with a Northern Police Station, Southern Police Station with a Heli Pad, There is also police serving as security at the Corcovado Train Station located at the most northern point of the city. There is police at the Maracanã Stadium with a police baracade on the road infront of the entrance and police officers scattered everywhere around the stadium.

There is also an abundant amount of medical supplies located at Hospital, Pharamacy, and two medical tents at the Maracanã Stadium Parking Lot.

Around the city there is a varaity of loot with Fire Stations, Apartments, Homes, Diners, Post Offices, Hardware Stores, Schools, Bars, and Beaches

Olympic Aquatics Stadium:

Olympic Aquatics Stadium is an unlisted location in the map Rio de Janerio. Olympic Aquatics Stadium holds the Rio Olympics Swimming Pool used in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Its located in the middle between the city of Rio de Janerio and Duque de Caxias. Its a source of Research and Police Loot.

There is a small security building which spawns police loot and at the main building there is storage area, locker rooms, small offices and the pool which was damaged and quartined due to a Spitter Zombie dying in it.

Around the building there is Biohazard, ZPD, Police, Construction, Civilian Zombies. Avalible loot includes Research loot, police gear, civilian loot, and beach loot. There is also a chance for any Police, ZPD, or Civilian Vehicles to spawn.