Research Recovery

Location: Liberator
Given by: Dr. Swanson
Rewards: +75 Experience

+5 Reputation

Research Recovery is a quest in Unturned 3.


As a side project, Dr. Swanson is researching the virus and the potential for a cure. The remains of a Scorpion-7 cargo plane were spotted in the very far north, and she suspects that research capsules containing samples, notes, DNA, etc. were strewn from the plane into the Deadzone Node during the crash.


  1. Find 4/4 Research Capsules.


  1. Speak to Dr. Swanson in the medbay of the Liberator.
  2. Go into the Deadzone Node and find the 4 Research Capsules (a picture will be posted below to aid you in this).
  3. Speak to Dr. Swanson again to complete the quest.

To be able to enter the Deadzone Node, get yourself a Gasmask and some Filters from the Firewatch Base or its surrounding towers. After you've obtained the items, go up into the Deadzone Node, preferably with a vehicle for added speed (so you don't waste the Filter life) and mobility and collect the pink capsules.