Ranger Magazine
Ranger 35
File Ranger_35
ID 123
Rarity Rare
Type Magazine
Slots 2 Slots (1x2)
Capacity 35 Rounds
Refill Low Caliber Ranger Ammunition Box
Zubeknakov Augewehr
Nightraider Fusilaut



The Ranger Magazine is a ranger-grade magazine in Unturned. It holds 35 rounds, and it is currently used by the Zubeknakov,Nightraider,Augewehr and Fusilaut.


The Ranger Magazine can be found at any ranger locations, namely the bunker on Holman Island, the airport tower at Belfast Airport, the Safe in the Bank in Alberton, the Radio Towers, the Sunken Submarine, The Underwater Junk and the Lighthouse at Caperock on the 3.0 PEI map.




  • Rare to find.


  • It is based on the magazine commonly used for the AK-47 and AKM. In real-life, it only holds a maximum of 30 7.62x39mm rounds.
    • The magazine can also be based on of the IMI Galil's magazine as the weapon is also based on the AK-series rifles but holds 35 rounds in the magazine.


Weaponry (Unturned 3)

ID ListWeaponry

Savage Magazine

Item Type: Ammunition (magazine)
Ammo Capacity: 30 rounds
Refilled With: 2 Civilian Bullets
Used In: Zubeknakov
Equippable? No
Stackable? No
Weight: 0.5kg/1.1lbs
Description: "30 round civilian grade magazine."

The Savage Magazine is a rare magazine found in militia locations. It is used by the Zubeknakov assault rifle, can hold 30 rounds. It is uses Civilian Bullets as ammunition.

In order to refill a Savage Magazine, 2 boxes of Civilian Bullets are required.

How to obtain

Savage Magazines are found in 8 locations, which are mostly mixed with civilian locations. These locations are; the S.S Haven, the compound in Holman Island, Kensington Campground, the militia box in the barricaded house in Montague, the air traffic control tower in Belfast Airport, the town and the lighthouse in Summerside Peninsula and the gun store in Burywood.

Ammunition Conditions


  • The Savage Magazine has a good ammo capacity, holding up to 30 rounds.
  • It is refilled with 2 boxes of civilian bullets.
  • It is one of the most efficient magazines to refill, getting 15 bullets per box.


  • The Savage Magazine is rare, although it can be found in 8 different locations.
  • It is one of the heavier magazines available.
  • Compared to the Savage Drum, refilling it is less efficient.
  • It is used by only the rare Zubeknakov.


  • The savage magazine is likely based on 7.62x39mm magazines for the AK47.
  • It could be refilled with one box of civilian bullets. As of patch 2.1.4 it now takes 2 boxes of civilian ammo.
  • As with all magazines, combining two of them together will get you the sum of both magazines filled into one, while still retaining the other. (Assuming there would be rounds left over in the second magazine.)


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