Ranger Firearms are a grade of weaponry which can be found in ranger locations such as the sunken submarine or the bunker.

Weapons in this category are considered mid-to-high-tier due to having better properties compared to police-grade weapons, and at the same time having fewer inferior properties compared to military-grade weapons. They have a rare chance to spawn, and the ammunition magazines they use are either uncommon or very rare.

Most Ranger Firearms can be refilled using Low Caliber Ranger Ammunition Boxes and High Caliber Ranger Ammunition Boxes.


Assault Rifle
Sharpshooter Rifle
Sniper Rifle
Machine Gun
Miscellaneous Ranged Weapon
Kryzkarek Bulldog Augewehr Snayperskya Ekho Hell's Fury Vonya Rocket Launcher
Teklowvka Yuri Matamorez Nykorev


  • During the early stages of the game, ranger firearms were mostly mistaken with military firearms by many players due to the similarity between the old name militia and military. It is incorrect since both types are found in different places.
  • Most Ranger firearms have wood-like stocks and aluminium-colored bodies. This may explain why they are slightly lighter than its military counterpart.
  • Ranger firearms produce horizontal recoil.
  • Most of the Ranger firearms are based on real-life modern Russian weaponry.
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