Rangefinder 1008
File Rangefinder
ID 1008
Rarity Epic
Type Tactical Attachment
Slots 1 Slots (1x1)



The Rangefinder is an Epic Tactical Attachment in Unturned 3.

The Rangefinder allows the player to view the range from the gun to the exact point the gun is aiming at. The distance is measured based on the measurement system the game is set to, which is meters if metric is set, or yards if imperial is set. If the distance is beyond the maximum range of the Ranged Weapon it is equipped to, the color of the laser will turn from green to red.

The Rangefinder is most useful for sniper rifles, especially when the user is unsure of the distance of the target. It is also very useful when using a 16x Scope, as it relies on its marks to shoot the target at long distances.


Germany: It can be found at Military Locations as a part of the Special spawn-group.

PEI: It can be found at Summerside Military Base, and the Confederation Bridge.

Russia: It can be found at the Oil Rig, Silo 22, Zavod, and Volk Military Base. Additionally, it can be bought from the Coalition Armory Vendor.

Washington: It can be found at Military Locations, including: Scorpion-7, Paradise Point, Olympia Military Base, Military Checkpoints, Destroyed Military Convoys, and the Crashed Helicopter.



  • Always emits a light while active, which gives a slight night vision if the player lacks night vision goggles.
  • Tells the user if their shot will be ineffective when the target is too far away by turning the LED to a red color.


  • Only shows the max range of the equipped firearm.


  • The Rangefinder only shows the distance when the player points at a solid point, making it an inadvisable choice for guns with big bullet drop, like the Rocket Launcher.


Version Changes
  • The Rangefinder was added to the game.
  • The Rangefinder now works in third person.
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The Rangefinder is a Tactical Attachment in Antique.

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