Items with Quality.

Quality is a game mechanic that affects the efficiency of an item. Items can spawn with a set Quality, and will degrade over the time based on its durability if it is used in tasks or crafting, however, when playing on easy mode all items except for arrows, suppressors and muzzles stay at 100% Quality.

Quality is indicated by a small number and color on the item. When a consumable is below 47% Quality, it will start to produce negative effects when used. Food will lower the player's vitality level, clothes will protect the player less effectively, firearms will decrease in accuracy and melee will deal less damage.


It is possible to repair an item's Quality and it is possible to repair item's Quality from 0% to 100%. To do this, one must open the crafting menu, and go to the "repair" section. The repair requirements differ between items.


Weapons are usually repaired using Metal Scraps. You will usually need a Blowtorch and possibly the Engineer skill to be leveled up. France's focus weapons use Focus Scrap.


Clothes are typically repaired using Cloth Some types of clothing, including high-tier vests, require Metal Scrap instead.

Purification Tablets:

Purification Tablets can be used to restore drinkable foods to 100% quality. They cannot be used on other foodstuffs.


  • Only on Easy does every item stay at 100%, with the exceptions of arrows and barrel attachments.
  • The Earpiece has quality, but is unaffected by quality loss.

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