Police Baton
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Type Weapon (Melee)
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The Police Baton is a common blunt melee weapon in Unturned found at Police locations.

Weapon analysis


  • The Police Baton is very common in police locations.
  • It has a fast swing speed.


  • The Police Baton inflicts low damage towards zombies or players.
  • It has a short reach.
  • It is only found in 5 different locations across the PEI map


  • The Baton was able to be used to mine Rocks and Stones from Boulders, which was patched in update 2.1.7.
  • The Baton is the only weapon in the game that doesn't share its attack animation with other melee weapons.
  • With only one point in Warrior skill it is able to kill civilian zombies with 2 hits to the head, instead of 3.
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