Pizza Shop

The Pizza Shop located in Alberton.

Location: Alberton
Size: Small
Unique Features: Spawns food and drink items.

The Pizza Shop (also known as the Pizzeria) is a building found in Alberton. It is a small red building next to the Botanist shop.


The Pizza Shop consists of two rooms. The front one has a counter with a cash register displaying $1000, like any other cash register in the game. There's also a vending machine to the right. In the back room three stoves can be found, along with a fridge and a small shelf.

The Pizza Shop mostly spawns food and drink items, as well as a few melee weapons, for example the Butcher knife or the Frying Pan.

Some pizza boxes can also be found in the shop, usually lying on the counter or on any other object/furniture.

Items found in the Pizza Shop

Item Rarity
Snacks (e.g. Chocolate Bar) Common
Canned Cola Common
Apple Juice Box Common
Moldy drinks (e.g. Moldy Milk) Common
Moldy food (e.g. Moldy Potato) Common
Kitchen Knife Common
MilkOrange Juice and Bottled Water Uncommon
Energy Drink Uncommon
Canned food (e.g. Canned Pasta) Uncommon
Frying Pan Uncommon
Butcher Knife Rare


  • Some pizza boxes can also be found in some houses near the Pizza Shop, as well as in a house in Burywood. One of the Burywood houses has a very large stack of pizza boxes.
  • The Pizza Shop is unique and can only be found in Alberton.


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