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Map Size: Medium
Listed Locations: 17
Description: Sunny island off the East coast of Canada. Several small civilian towns with minor military presence. Tourist attractions include beaches, castles and sailing. Recommended for new survivors.

PEI is one of the five official survival maps in Unturned 3, the others being Yukon, Washington, Russia, and Germany. It also has four variants of itself: Halloween PEI, Festive PEI, PEI Arena, and Space PEI.

PEI is a series of islands that connect to Canada via the Confederation Bridge.


PEI is a large island with smaller islands around it. Most of the terrain is filled with grass and trees and the outline of PEI is filled with beaches and sand. It has several locations throughout the island whereas all towns and farms are connected to the main road. The main island, unlike its real-life counterpart, is also very hilly in some places. The map is mainly focused on player vs. environment, with four small civilian towns, four farms, and two campsites, although the presence of two military locations, along with the bunker on Holman Isle, make player vs. player combat quite viable.


Hidden Locations

  • Sunken Submarine (removed after release of the Washington map)



  • The Concrete Container can be found at the East side of Kensington Campground at the beach.
  • PEI stands for "Prince Edward Island," and is based on the real life province of the same.
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Prince Edward Island

Map Type: Island
Number of Locations: 16
First Appearance: 1st beta release

PEI is one of the two playable maps, and the first map, in Unturned Classic. It is a large island off the coast of Canada filled with forests, various towns, farms, and military installations.



  • Several places in the game are named after their real-world counterparts, such as Charlottetown and Belfast Airport.
  • PEI is possibly facing very high inflation rate, as shown bananas being priced at $49.99 on a billboard, an cash registers bearing a total of $1000.00 to be paid for a single item/service.
  • Charlottetown and Kensington Campground are the only accessible locations during the first beta release. Oultons Isle can be seen off the coast of Charlottetown, but not accessible.

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