Oxygen is a system in Unturned. It measures how much of the player's breath is left.


The breath bar is one of the six bars. It indicates the percentage of oxygen left. It will not degererate during normal activity. While underwater however, your character will lose available oxygen at a rate of 5% per second, and will quickly recharge when you resurface. It is important to maintain oxygen levels, as health will quickly go down at a rate of 10 damage per second when oxygen runs out. Oxygen will also degenerate rapidly when the player holds their breath to avoid scope sway. Because the status bars are not seen while looking through a scope, it is easy to accidentally deplete the oxygen bar entirely, which is then noticed upon taking damage.

Oxygen will slowly degenerate at high altitudes. This means that an oxygenator is needed for skybases and high-flying aircraft.

The rate of oxygen consumption can be reduced by upgrading the "diving" skill in the offense category and by using a snorkel, diving tank and wetsuit. This will also allow your player to easily loot the sunken submarine and other underwater locations. In order to regenerate oxygen faster, the cardio skill in the offense category can be upgraded.


  • Oxygen was first added in version
  • The diving skill was added along all the other skills in the update.
  • Swimming underwater makes your player more difficult to spot, useful when crossing bodies of water or approaching water stationed bases in PvP.
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