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Loot Spawns: Military
Size: Medium
Zombie Population: Medium

The Olympia Military Base is a military location in Washington.


It is the only military base in Washington. There is a powered gate obstructing the entrance from driving in and out (can be raised using a Generator). There are four watchtowers, a helicopter landing site, two gas tanks capable of filling Gas Cans, and a shooting range. The main objects containing loot are two barracks, a weapon storage house, and a material storage house. Mega Zombies can spawn just in front of the left shooting range wall.

Loot Spawns


Grenades Rare
Heartbreaker Epic
Sabertooth Rare
Military Clothing Common
Smoke Grenades Common
Sandbags Uncommon
Barbed Wire Uncommon
Explosives Uncommon
Alicepack Epic
Peacemaker Rare
Avenger Rare
Grizzly Legendary

Note: These are military grade spawns. The material storage building spawns various items related to construction, and all listed in the table apart from Grizzly can also be obtained by normal Military Zombies as possible drops.


Here are all buildings located at this Military Base: