O'Leary Prison

O'Leary Prison 3.0.png

Location Type: Island
Size: Medium
Zombie Population High


O'Leary Prison consists of a main cell block building with an exterior eating area to the south and an armory the the north. The island also contains six perimeter watchtowers and a pair of small docks.


The O'Leary Prison is located in the central part of the map on PEI. RCMP and prisoner zombies will always spawn here, as well as many items of their clothing.

Item spawns


  • Some of the cells seem to have been broken into, and others seem to have been broken out of, others are still barricaded. It is unknown of whether this was due to the Infection or a planned escape (However the condition of the prisoners suggests the former).
  • There is a hole in the outer wall of the prison, which is covered up with vines.
  • This is the most common place for the Bluntforce to be found, other places are Police Stations, where the spawn rate is low.
  • Due to prisoner clothing being so common here, it is an efficient source of cloth and subsequentially, bandages and bedrolls.
  • The placable item Bars Fortification can be found rather frequently in the guard towers.


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