O'Leary Military Base

Oleary military base overview
Location Type: Military Base
Size: Medium
Zombie Population: Average
Loot Content: Military and construction items
Additional Notes: Contains one fuel tank.

O'Leary Military Base is a military location in Prince Edward Island. It is located between the Confederation Bridge and Burywood (at the northern end of the paved road). Fifteen to twenty military zombies lurk in this location, wearing either green or beige combat uniforms.


This large base is surrounded by walls, with watch towers securing each corner. There are 3 barracks on the west side of the base, while 2 sheltered tables, shooting range targets and a hangar are on the east side.

The base is highly concentrated with military grade loot including attachments, firearms/ammunition, medical supplies, and glow sticks/flares. Up to three military vehicles can spawn inside the hangar during world creation.


  • With a lowered gate and a relatively small hole in the other end of the base, no vehicles can enter or exit it easily. This also ensures no bandits can (effectively) 'hit and run' in this area when playing multiplayer. It is still possible to flip your car over the front gate with a Car Jack.
  • The base is the biggest military location in the game, along with being the only military base in the game.
  • Zombies are known to spawn outside the compound near the walls, along with a short distance down the road.
  • There are usually 1-3 gas cans that spread around the hangar.
  • If you find a car and a gas can inside the base, you can park next to the fuel depots, and refill your fuel easily.


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