Neutral Sentry
File Sentry
ID 1244
Rarity Epic
Type Robotic Turret
Slots 4 Slots (2x2)
Health 200%



The Neutral Sentry is an Epic Robotic Turret in Unturned 3. It must be powered with a Portable Generator or Industrial Generator, and placing a Ranged Weapon inside of it will cause it to shoot anything hostile in the area.

The Neutral Sentry will shoot players who approach them without having their hands up and zombies who are attacking the player or the group who placed the sentry.

Range and fire rate is affected when using a Neutral Sentry, and Magazine Attachments must be replaced when emptied.

The calculation to decide range is Math.min(48, x), with x representing the Ranged Weapon's range in meters. Fire rate is roughly 2.5 to 3 times worse than normal.



  • The context type was mistakenly listed as Tool, instead of a Robotic Turret.
    • This was due to the Compass using a new context type, but the localization files not being updated to accommodate it.
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