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Navy Cap
Navy Cap 8044 (1).png
File Navy_Cap
ID 8044
Rarity Uncommon
Type Hat
Slots 4 Slots (2x2)
Armor 0.95 (5% Damage Reduction)



The Navy Cap is an Uncommon Unobtainable Hat in Unturned 3 in the map Rio de Janeiro.


Rio de Janeiro: The Navy Cap and all other Navy Clothes doesn't spawn in the map Rio de Janeiro, Navy Cap is only obtainable by using /Give 8044 Command.


  • Navy Cap (Damaged) + Cloth (x2) = Navy Cap (Repaired)


  • The Navy Cap seems to be a Dixie Cap.
  • The Navy Cap and the rest of the navy uniform seems to be based off of the Brazilian Navy.
  • The Navy Cap and the Navy Clothing was originally going to be part of a Safezone Node where the quest and ranking structure will be similar to Russia NPC, and the Navy Cap will be given to you when you reach Brazilian Navy Sailor Rank.
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