Location Type: Civilian, Construction, Police, Ranger
Size: Very Large
Zombie Population: Extremely Large

Moscow is a large city in the Russia map. It is to the east of St. Petersburg and is far south of the irradiated zone at the top of the map.


Moscow is the largest city in the Russia map, containing a variety of structures and loot. The most notable structures include the Kremlin, the military tents in the center of the city and it's civil servant buildings. Every type of store can be found, along with houses, multiple apartments and office buildings. Civilian loot mostly spawn in the city, apart from the military tents, where Ranger loot can spawn. Because of the presence of a hospital and pharmacy, Moscow is a good location to collect medical supplies. Due to its large population of zombies, It is very dangerous to try to pick off the zombies with a gun.


Civil Service Buildings: There are two Police Stations and two Fire Stations, located on opposite sides of the city. A Hospital is located in the middle of town, and is a good place to find medical loot.

Food: For food, there is a Doughnut Shop and Pizza Shop.

Weapons: Behind the construction site located in the city, nearby some office and apartment buildings, are two military tents that spawn weaponry and ammunition. A gun store is located in the central town.

Construction: There is a construction site located among the apartment and office buildings. A mechanic shop and Gas Station can be found in the city. Two Gas Pumps allow one to collect gasoline.

Medical: The Hospital contains a high amount of medical loot. Next to it is a Pharmacy, which also contains medical loot. Because of these two buildings, Moscow is a good place to find medicine and bandages.

Subway: There is a blocked in subway entrance near the arch in Moscow. One can find a Cursed Bone inside.


  • Moscow was the capital of Russia before the apocalypse.
  • Moscow is the second largest city in the game.
  • The St. Basil's Cathedral, an important Russian landmark, can be found in Moscow.
  • Moscow was the city that the evacuees from Shereyavo International were being transported to.
  • Moscow was also the target of the unlaunched nuclear warhead at Silo 22, this was to be done as an extreme measure to stop the infection from reaching all of Russia.

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